Our Guiding Principles

We are dedicated to building and strengthening your network of contacts in order to better position your policy and business needs.

We will enhance your network of contacts among those who specialize in international affairs, government relations, banking and financial services, trade, business and economic development, infrastructure and engineering, defense, homeland security, manufacturing, education, and energy and natural resources issues.

We will ensure that your contacts form a diverse community of professionals.

We will create outstanding opportunities for members that will promote personal and intellectual development.

We will focus the human, fiscal, technological and physical resources of the organization to instill professional values and priorities.

We will recruit the highest-level of professionals in the public and private sectors.

We will strengthen and focus our programs to emphasize connections, education, and information.

We will provide rates that are competitive and in many cases constitute a lesser financial investment than hiring full-time personnel. 

We will tailor your proposal to best suit the business objectives of your offices.