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A November 2011 article in The Economist ("Contact Sports") stated that "in the rarefied world of the corporate board, a good network matters."  The article went on to mention that executives with 400 contacts are, on average, paid 6 percent more than those with 200.  For non-executives, the gap is 14 percent. 

The Washington Intergovernmental Professional Group, LLC (WIPG) is the premier organization that introduces mid- to high-level professionals in the DC Metropolitan area to newly appointed Ambassadors from around the world, as well as newly elected Members of Congress.  We hold monthly networking events as a means of providing professionals extended exposure and access to key policy makers in the city.



As the demand for strategic partnerships and stronger networks with private and public sector groups continues to grow, it is clear that a need exists for DC-based professionals to expand their contacts among other key policy makers, business executives, political and community leaders. 

In the current economic times, DC-based professionals will need to depend on such contacts to obtain valuable information in the most cost-effective manner to ensure the best decisions are made when carrying out their business plans and policy goals. 

With the election of new members in the US House of Representatives and the US Senate, the demand to interact with the Freshman Class of this Congress becomes even more apparent. WIPG can help you develop and organize Congressional Meet and Greets, staff briefings, and fly-in activities specifically designed for your needs that would allow for the continued growth of your contacts in Congress at very little cost.




Networking is the best way to find your next job, especially since the vast majority of job openings are never advertised.  They are usually filled via word of mouth.  Unfortunately, many job seekers are hesitant to take advantage of networking opportunities because they feel it is a waste of time, nor do they recognize the value of making key necessary contacts.  But networking is not a useless excercise—it’s about building relationships. As you look for a new job, these relationships can provide much-needed feedback, advice, and support.


Networking may sound difficult, or even intimidating—especially when it comes to
finding a job or asking for help—but it doesn’t have to be. Networking can be
rewarding, and even fun.  It can be a useful tool even if you are new to the DC area and do not know that many people. 




Virtual Meet and Greet

His Excellency Onkokame Kitso Mokaila

The Ambassador of the Republic of Botswana to the United States of America

February 10, 2021

10:00 a.m.


Virtual Meet and Greet

His Excellency Ambassador Isilio Antonio De Fatima Coelho da Silva

The Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste to the 

United States of America 

February 2021

2:00 p.m.




GovCon “Live” Q&A Café Webinar Series (Government Contracting)

Hosted by:  WIPG Member Jennifer Schaus (Jennfer Schaus & Associates)
Every 2nd Friday of Each Month in 2021
12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Information and Registration:

• February - GovCon LIVE Q&A Cafe Series - TOPIC: OTA: Other Transaction Authorities
Friday, 2/12/21    
• March -- GovCon LIVE Q&A Cafe Series - TOPIC: Bid Protes
Friday, 3/12/21 
• April - GovCon LIVE Q&A Cafe Series - TOPIC: Teaming Agreements
Friday. 4/9/21 
May - GovCon LIVE Q&A Cafe Series - TOPIC: Sub-Contracting
Friday, 5/14/21 
• June - GovCon LIVE Q&A Cafe Series - TOPIC: Sales & Capture
Friday, 5/14/21 – 
• July - GovCon LIVE Q&A Cafe Series - TOPIC: Proposal Writing
Friday, 6/11/21 
• August - GovCon LIVE Q&A Cafe Series - TOPIC: Compliance
Friday, 7/9/21 
• September - GovCon LIVE Q&A Cafe Series - TOPIC: Oral Presentations
Friday, 9/10/21 
• October - GovCon LIVE Q&A Cafe Series - TOPIC: Set-Asides
Friday, 10/8/21 
• November - GovCon LIVE Q&A Cafe Series - TOPIC: Pricing
Friday, 11/12/21 
• December - GovCon LIVE Q&A Cafe Series - TOPIC: M&A
Friday, 12/10/21 



9th Annual Embassy Showcase, Winternational, A Virtual Marketplace
Hosted by:  The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center



Conference on “The Future of Money, Governance, and the Law (Washington, DC)”

Hosted by:  WIPG Member Gerard Dache (Government Blockchain Association)
March 25 to 26, 2021
9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.



NEW MEMBER PROFILE: Dr. Justin Velez-Hagan                  Economist                                                                      Macro Policy Advisors

Justin Vélez-Hagan (Ph.D., MBA) is the principal advisor and managing director for Macro Policy Advisors, as well as the Founder and Executive Director of The National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce.  He is the author of the The Common Sense behind Basic Economics (Rowman & Littlefield, 2015) and The Paradox of Fiscal Austerity (Lexington Books, 2019).


Vélez-Hagan has worked with public and private sector organizations to advance policy priorities in sectors ranging from high-technology to telecommunications, energy, pharmaceutical, and retail, while also improving economic development efforts in Puerto Rico.  As an advisor, advocate, and frequent guest speaker on these issues, Vélez-Hagan has and continues to work closely with a diverse stakeholder community, including federal, state, and local elected officials, leading advocacy groups, major corporations, and small business and startup communities.


His knowledge of the economic conditions of Puerto Rico, as well as research focus on international fiscal policy, have led national regulators, congressional committees, and administration officials to seek his advice and request testimony and briefings, while he is also frequently invited to provide guest lectures at universities across the country.


His work has been featured in various national publications, including: Forbes, Fox News, Politico, The Hill, CNBC, The Huffington Post, and newspapers and academic publications around the country.  He has also been a guest on Fox News, BBC World, Fox Business, and NPR, among others.


Previously, Vélez-Hagan served as an adjunct professor of economics, while investing in and building several businesses.  He most recently worked to develop healthcare facilities internationally, but also founded D.C. Concrete Technologies – a frequent guest on HGTV’s Curb Appeal and NBC’s House Smarts.


Vélez-Hagan has served on the boards of several organizations, including: the Capital Area Asset Builders‘ Board of Directors, the National Military Family Association’s Technology Advisory Board, The Latino Coalition’s National Coalitions’ Board, and the Multicultural Media, Telecom, and Internet Council‘s Telecommunications and Internet Policy Task Force.  Recently, he was invited to serve on Maryland’s GOMA Small Business Advisory Council, has served as an advisor to the governor of Puerto Rico, and also volunteers in an organization that seeks to increase the number of veterans holding elected office.


Vélez-Hagan received a BS in Finance from the University of Louisville, an MBA from Arizona State University, and a PhD in Economic Policy from the University of Maryland-Baltimore County.  


He is a combat veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

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